Sov Cost Brand High Quality Hydraulic Torque Wrench with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

SOV brand high quality CZPT ulic Torque Wrench                            

A torque wrench is a tool used to precisely apply a specific torque to a CZPT ener such as a nut or bolt. It allows the operator to measure the torque applied to the CZPT ener so it can be matched to the specifications for a particular application. This permits proper tension and loading of all parts.
1. 360º×180º swivel hose connection allows easier positioning in confined areas
2. Push-button drive release; no tools needed to reverse square or Allen drives for tightening or loosening
3. Its cylinder and head features small size, light weight, compact structure and slim nose radius.
4. CZPT degree of rotation angle for increased productivity
5. Constant torque output provides high precision operation.
6. Easy maintenance without any special tool
7. Nickel plated surface for high corrosion resistance


No. Model No. Torque Range  Square drive size Socket range Pressure Weight
Nm Ft.Ibs inch mm inch Bar (Kg)
1 SV11LB190 1915 1500 3/4 15-50 5/8-1 7/8 700 3.5 
2 SV11LB440 4400 3250 1 20-100 7/8-3 7/8 6.3 
3 SV11LB810 8150 6571 1-1/2 41-155 1 5/8-6 1/4 11.5 
4 SV11LB1500 14910 11000 1-1/2 41-155 1 5/8-6 1/4 18.0 
5 SV11LB3400 34080 25140 2-1/2 60-255 2 3/8-10 35.0 

Packaging & CZPT
Packaging Details: wooden cases
Delivery Detail: less than two weeks

Company Information
ZheJiang SOV CZPT ulic CZPT nology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer engaged in design and manufacturing
hydraulic cylinders (capacity covers from 157100 tons), synchronous PLC hydraulic system, hydraulic bumps,
hydraulic torque wrenches, and electric torque wrenches, and hydraulic components. 2Since the establishment
in 1995, we successfully transformed from CZPT manufacturer for Enerpac, Titan, to create CZPT own brand
SOV, and CZPT factory has been approved by CE, ISO9001:2008 consecutively.

We are a manufacturer in tools, such as:
· CZPT ulic cylinders, jacks (5-1000ton), single acting and double acting, hollow plunger; low height, ultra pressure, lock nut
· CZPT ulic torque wrench, electric torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench (100-72000Nm);
· CZPT ulic bolt tensioner (100-11486NM); CZPT ulic pullers (5-100 ton;
· CZPT ulic pumps, manual and electric type (max up to 3000bar);
· Integrated hydraulic lifting system solutions ( 4-72 points lifting system for house translation or leveling, bridge supporting and tank welding supporting)
· CZPT ulic nut and couplings. (M50-Tr1000), hydraulic hose
· CZPT ulic pipe cutting and beveling machine
Our products have been widely used in industrial field such as steel plant, cement industry, chemical and
refinery, bridge,railway construction andmaintenance.

Q1: How can I contact the sales?A1: Please call at 21 6856 1366 for presales services or click the contact to find CZPT email address.
Q2: How can I buy SOV products in my country?A2: Please send us an inquiry or email. We will reply to you if there are distributors in your country.
Q3: Can I have SOV products catalogs and price lists?A3: Please visit CZPT website( download CZPT Ecatalog, and send us an email for price lists.
Q4: How CZPT does it take to get the products if I place an order?A4: If the products are in stock, we will pack and deliver in 3~7 days after confirmation of payment. The products will arrive in 3~7 days by international parcel service, or 15~45 days by shipment.
Q5: How to make payment?A5: CZPT send us an inquiry, then we will reply to your quotation. If CZPT price suits you, we will prepare proforma invoice with CZPT banking details. You can choose T/T, CZPT CZPT , L/C, whatever you like.
Q6: How CZPT is the manufacturing?A6: If it is CZPT standard products, it can be produced in 10~20 days. CZPT wise, we promise to finish in 20~45 days.


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