Shanghai Custom Sov Fdb 55 Torque Multiplier with Good Outlook with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

ZheJiang SOV FDB 55 Torque Multiplier with CZPT Outlook

Product description
Torque multiplier is suitable for confined area and tightness of vibration machinery of heavy load, lightweight and convenient manual operation. The planetary gear structure produces a high torque output. Smallest tool diameter, the maximum torque output, interchangeable specifications of the sockets, for a variety of large diameter bolts and nuts. Reaction supporting foot can be CZPT ized according to the user’s actual working conditions.With the use of torque wrenches for higher torque accuracy.

Product Features
Sturdy and CZPT service life; CZPT ratio accuracy:+5%
Normal operation without CZPT supply and small space, make sure the safety use at the same time.
Each set of torque multiplier is equipped with the corresponding specifications sockets.
Each set of torque multiplier is equipped with aluminum packing box, easy to carry on-site.

Technical Parameters

Model Drive
Max. Torque Bolt Size Width Across
Flats (A/F)
Dimensions Weight
(mm) (mm) (Nm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
SOV-FDB-15 4.8 12.7 25 1500 M20-30 S30-46 80×80×119 2.6
SOV-FDB-20 14 12.7 25 2000 M22-36 S32-55 74×74×147 3.9
SOV-FDB-35 17 12.7 30 3500 M30-45 S46-70 95×95×162 5.5
SOV-FDB-55 19 12.7 35 5500 M36-52 S55-80 105×105×190 7.5
SOV-FDB-75 22 12.7 40 7500 M42-60 S65-90 115×115×210 10
SOV-FDB-100 61 12.7 50 10000 M52-72 S80-105 134×134×244 17
SOV-FDB-150 74.8 12.7 55 15000 M60-80 S90-115 146×146×305 25
SOV-FDB-200 96.8 12.7 60 20000 M72-95 S105-135 146×146×325 31

Products Photos

Application Photos

Packaging & Shipping 
Wooden case & Shipping is designated by CZPT er

Our Services
One Year Warranty,repair and service for the whole life,question report response in 24 hours,and reply in 48 hours. 

About  our factory:
1.SOV CZPT ulic CZPT nology (ZheJiang )Co., Ltd is a manufacturer engaged in design and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders (capacity covers from 10- 1000 tons), synchronous PLC hydraulic system, hydraulic bumps, hydraulic torque wrenches, and electric torque wrenches, and hydraulic components. 

2. Since the establishment in 1995, we successfully transformed from CZPT manufacturer for Enerpac, Titan, to create CZPT own brand SOV, and CZPT factory has been approved by CE, ISO9001:2008 consecutively.

3. Our CZPT ers includes many big Chinese industrial companies, such as CZPT CZPT eum, Baosteel, CZPT pec, CZPT State Grid, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shipyards, CZPT CZPT , CZPT Railway CZPT CZPT . Our synchronous PLC hydraulic system had played a great role in the CZPT high-speed railway constructions. In 2011, CZPT sales revenue reached 30 million USD, making us one of the leaders in the Chinese hydraulic cylinders market especially in the extra-high hydraulic cylinders for industrial area and construction field.
We are a manufacturer in CZPT ulic tools, such as:
Hydraulic cylinders, jacks (5-1000ton), single acting and double acting, hollow plunger;
Hydraulic/ electric /pneumatic torque wrench (100-72000Nm);
Hydraulic bolt tensioner (100-11486NM);
Hydraulic pumps, manual and electric type (max up to 3000bar);
Integrated hydraulic lifting system solutions ( 4-72 points lifting system for house translation or leveling, bridge supporting and tank welding supporting)
Hydraulic nut and couplings. (M50-Tr1000)

Our team

Q1: How can contact sales?
A1: Please call: 21 685 61366 for pre-sales or click the contact find CZPT website and email address.

Q2: How can I buy SOV products in my country?
A2: Please send us an inquiry or email, we will reply to you if there is distributor in your country.

Q3: Can I have SOV products catalog and price list?
A3: Please visit CZPT English website: to download CZPT E-catalog, and send us an email for price list.

Q4: How CZPT does it take to get the product if I place an order?
A4: If products stock CZPT , after confirmation of your payment or CZPT payment, we will pack and deliver in 3-7 days. If you select international parcel service, it can be arrived in 3-7days. If it is by sea shipment, it will take 15-45days depending on different locations.

Q5: How to make payment?
A5: CZPT send us an inquiry, and we will reply you quotation, if CZPT price suits you, we will prepare proforma invoice with CZPT banking details.

Q6: CZPT time?
Q6: Please send us an inquiry for stock condition, if we don’t have stock, and it is CZPT standard products (refer to CZPT model), it can be produced in 10-20 days. If it is CZPT ized, not CZPT standard products, it will take 20-45 days to produce.

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