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2.5 quot John Morris JCEP EPT Coupling for JCEP Battling Method

Short Description
A hose coupling is a connector on the end of a hose to join or couple it with an additional hose orwith a faucet or a hose EPT, this kind of as an irrigation sprinkler. It is normally madeof metal, brass, stainless metal, aluminium or plastic. Utilized for combining water EPT with waterEPT ,EPT hydrant ,drinking water lance and the EPT-preventing EPT so that they are to supply h2o orfoam misture for placing out EPT.
Our principal creation line for hose coupling is KD,KN,KY,KWA,KWS ect for EPT hose coulping by means of electrophoretic method,so that our solution can be anti-corrosion.

EPTnical Specification

JCEP EPT Coupling Kind Inlet Outlet

British/John Morris Coupling

two.five quotBS336 Phi63.five
two quotBS336 Phi51
one.five quotBS336 Phi38
2.five quotBS336 Phi51
two.five quotBS336 Phi38
two quotBS336 Phi38

JCEP EPT Coupling Variety Inlet Outlet
American(EPTT Pin)JCEP EPT Coupling two.five quotNH Phi63.5
2 quotNH Phi51
one.5 quotNH Phi38

JCEP EPT Coupling Sort Inlet Outlet
Nakajima(Machino) EPT hose coupling two.5 quot Phi63.five
2 quot Phi51
one.5 quot Phi38

JCEP EPT Coupling Sort Inlet Outlet
Forestry JCEP EPT Coupling 1.five quot Phi38
1.5 quot one.5 quot BSP
1.5 quot 1.five quot NPSH
1.5 quot F1.five quot BSP

JCEP EPT Coupling Sort Inlet Outlet
Gost(Russian) JCEP EPT Coupling 2 quot Phi50
2.5 quot Phi70
three quot Phi80
four quot Phi100

JCEP EPT Coupling Kind Inlet Outlet
UNI JCEP EPT Coupling UNI70 Phi70
UNI45 Phi45

JCEP EPT Coupling Type Inlet Outlet

Storz JCEP EPT Coupling

four quot STORZ Phi100
3 quot STORZ Phi75.5
two.5 quot STORZ Phi63.5
2 quot STORZ Phi51
1 three/4 quot STORZ Phi44.five
1 quot STORZ Phi38