PU near me Coupling, Polyurethane Coupling Element, Polyurethane Coupling Spider Made with Polyurethane or Csm/SBR with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

PU CZPT , CZPT urethane CZPT CZPT ment, CZPT urethane CZPT Spider Made with CZPT urethane or Csm/SBR

HRC Flexible CZPT
1) Body material:H igh quality cast iron) CZPT Material:NBR
3) Easy to install
4) CZPT Torque,Long Life
HRC Flexible CZPT
1) Maintenance, actually HRC coupling doesn’t need maintenance, also does not need lubricant
2) CZPT al, elastic components make HRC coupling applies to a variety of working conditions.
3) CZPT ble transmission, in case of elastic component is damaged, the dog segment whichcasted siamesedly still keep the transmission processing reliably.
4) CZPT , HRC couplings have already been made of optimization design, which make transmission CZPT match the transmission shaft diameter.
5) CZPT recovery capacity, elastic components can reduce the load at the peak moments, and the deviation is a major consideration when designing.
6) Adaptability of misalignment, HRC can coupling contains parallel shift, angle shift and axis shift which happen some times.
7) Taper sleeve, push-pull type taper sleeve is standard for HRC coupling.
HRC rubber coupling 
1. CZPT buffer 
2. Easy to Installation and dismantling 
3. CZPT life 
HRC rubber coupling  advantage :
1. It is easy to maintain ,no need the toole can install 
2. Can undertake high torque 
3. Have the good buffer .
HRC polyurethane coupling, rubber coupling parameters and data :

No. OD(mm) ID(mm) Thickness1(mm) Thickness2(mm) Fins Qty Hardness Color
HRC70 59 30 13 16 6 92/88SH A Yellow
HRC90 72 31 18 22 6 92/88SH A Yellow
HRC110 96 45 22 29 6 92/88SH A Yellow
HRC130 116 50 30 36 6 92/88SH A Yellow
HRC150 134 62 33 40 6 92/88SH A Yellow
HRC180 160 76 40 48 6 92/88SH A Yellow
HRC230 203 95 50 60 6 92/88SH A Yellow
HRC280 252 120 64 74 6 92/88SH A Yellow

Physical character: Made by injection with high quality polyester or mould CSM/SBR. It is desingning and special for all kinds of metal shaft coupling with very good performance of high tensile strength, high wear resistant, high elastic resilience, water resistant, oil resistant and excellent fatigue resilience, high impact resistant etc. We have full sets moulds and supply full range of GR, GS, MT, Hb, HRC, L, NM and Gear J series couplings with high quality and excellet experience. Apply to all kinds of industrial metal shaft coupling.

Material: CZPT ester, CSM/SBR
Color: Yellow, red, purple, CZPT , black etc.
Surface: Smooth
Tensile strength: 12-55Mpa
Hardness: 80-98Shore A
Elongation: 400%-650%
Density: 1.25g/cm3
Elasticity impact: >25%
Tear strength: 35-155KN/m
Akron abrasion loss: <0.05cm3/1.61km
Compression set (22h*70oC): <10%
Working temperature: 120oC
Standard size for polyurethane coupling:
GR14, GR19, GR24, GR28, GR38, GR42, GR48, GR55, GR65, GR75, GR90, GR100, GR110, GR125, GR140, GR160, GR180
MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4, MT5, MT6, MT7, MT8, MT9, MT10, MT11, MT12, MT13
HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280
L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/95, L99/100, L110, L150, L190, L225, L276
FALK-R 10R, 20R, 30R, 40R, 50R, 60R, 70R, 80R
Standard size for rubber coupling:
Hb80, Hb95, Hb110, Hb125, Hb140, Hb160, Hb180, Hb200, Hb240, Hb280, Hb315
HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280
L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/95, L99/100, L110, L150, L190, L225
NM50, NM67, NM82, NM97, NM112, NM128, NM148, NM168, NM194, NM214, NM240, NM265
Gear 3J, 4J, 5J, 6J, 7J, 8J, 9J, 10J, 11J
Special size build molding according to the buyer’s drawings
***when you enquiry, pls confirm product’s number and quantity***