Nickel wholesaler Plated Steel Hexagon Cassette Hollow Hydraulic Torque Wrench (SV41LB) with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

A hydraulic torque wrench is a tool designed to exert torque on a CZPT ener to achieve proper tightening or loosening of a connection through the use of hydraulics.

1. Innovative, pinless wrench construction with quick release drive and automatic crank engagement
2. 360º×180º swivel hose connection allows easier positioning in confined areas
3. Its cylinder and head features small size, light weight, compact structure and slim nose radius.
4. CZPT degree of rotation angle for increased productivity
5. Constant torque output provides high precision operation
6. Easy maintenance without any special tool
7. Nickel plated surface for high corrosion resistance
8. Copper bush equipped to separate ratchet with side wall and also extend life
9. Various reduction sleeves CZPT for wider applications

Product Parameter

Model Max pressure
Max torque value Six angle plug size The optional six angle plug size
Nm Ft.Ibs mm inch mm inch
SV41LB280 2800 2000 36-60 1 7/16-2 3/8 30-55 1 1/4-2 3/16
SV41LB550 5400 4000 55-80 2 3/16-3 1/8 36-85 1 5/8-2 15/16
SV41LB1000 10800 8000 65-95 2 9/16-3 7/8 50-105 2-3 1/2
SV41LB2000 20500 15000 80-115 3 1/8-4 5/8 65-115 2 9/16-4 1/4
SV41LB4000 47500 35000 80-115 3 1/8-6 1/8 80-155 2-5 1/8

Packaging & CZPT
1. CZPT case
2. CZPT is designated by CZPT er.

Our Services
1. One Year Warranty
2. Endless free maintenance service
3. Quick response
4. CZPT service CZPT

Company Information
Brief Introduction
ZheJiang SOV CZPT ulic CZPT nology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in design and production of hydraulic cylinders, synchronous PLC hydraulic system, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, and hydraulic components.

Since the establishment in 1995, we successfully transformed from CZPT manufacturer for many international brands, to create CZPT own brand SOV, and CZPT factory has been approved by CE, ISO9001:2008 consecutively.

Project Case
Our CZPT er base includes many big Chinese industrial companies, such as CZPT CZPT eum, Baosteel, CZPT pec, CZPT State Grid, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shipyards, CZPT CZPT , CZPT Railway CZPT CZPT . Also, CZPT products can be exported CZPT to many countries such as the CZPT pe, Asia, North CZPT ica, Latin CZPT ica, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle CZPT and Africa.

Our synchronous PLC hydraulic system had played a great role in the CZPT high-speed railway constructions. In 2011, CZPT sales revenue reached 30 million USD, making us one of the leaders in the Chinese hydraulic cylinders market especially in the extra-high hydraulic cylinders for industrial area and construction field.

Our products have been widely used in industrial field such as steel plant, cement industry, chemical and refinery, bridge, railway construction and maintenance.

Main Products
We are a manufacturer in tools, such as:
Hydraulic cylinders/jacks (5-3000ton), single acting and double acting, hollow plunger;
Hydraulic/ electric /pneumatic torque wrench (100-160000Nm);
Hydraulic bolt tensioner (100-11486NM); CZPT ulic pullers (5-1000 ton)
Hydraulic pumps, manual and electric type (max. up to 4000bar);
Integrated hydraulic lifting system solutions ( 4-99 points lifting system for house translation or leveling, bridge supporting and tank welding supporting)
Hydraulic nut and couplings. (M50-Tr1000)


Q1: What’s the brand name of your products?

A: Own brand “SOV”, WE ARE GERMANY OWNED FACTORY. OEM is also CZPT as required.     

Q2: CZPT ulic cylinder internal leakage?

A: There are 3 main reasons causing internal leakage: Overload, polishing is not well controlled, bad seal kits. As is known to all, vehicles in CZPT are often overload, CZPT products all designed to bear the overload CZPT . We have numerical control machine to assure the polish processing .And we use the imported seals to meet CZPT ers’ demands.   

Q3: Does your piston rod get ruptured easily?

A: Hard chrome plating quenched and tempered 45# steel for piston rod to assure sufficient hardness and toughness.

Q4: Is your design reasonable? What about your product safe coefficient?

A: We have R&D team with abundant design experience. We also established production, education, and research cooperation with universities. Rest assured.

Q5: How about the delivery time?

A: Over 1000 sets CZPT d equipments to meet CZPT er’s large demand in short delivery time. Generally, it’s 7-20 days.

Q6: What’s the after-service?

A: If the quality can’t meet your requirement, we will pay all your lost and offer technical support to solve your problem.

Contact Information
Ms. CZPT Zheng
Tel.: -21-68561366/68569366
Fax: -21-68561399/68569399
Mob: -18918151583
We make every effort to meet your requirement!